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Touch Arcade (game of the week):

‘The most important thing though is that you check out Glyph Quest if you’re into these sorts of games, as it’s already one of my very favorites’

Glyph Quest is a match 3 inspired puzzle RPG.


 Players take the role of the towns witch or wizard and must save the people of Helmstone from the hordes of adorable yet terrifying monsters and the Bad Dragons that are causing all the unrest!

 By matching like glyphs together players will cast a spell of that glyphs element – Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Light or Dark.  You start with small spells of a mere 2 glyphs, but can upgrade to match 3, 4 and eventually 5 glyphs summoning powerful elementals.  Once players have mastered this they can also upgrade into combo spells mixing elements and delve into the layers of tactical play – chains and  reversals boosting the power of your spells.

Glyph Quest was inspired by games such as 10,000,000 and Puzzle and Dragons, with an illuminated medieval kawaii art style and an earworm soundtrack.  It’s addictive, and great fun.

Pocket Gamer

‘it’s easy to love Glyph Quest’

 Pocket Tactics

‘Glyph Quest is out and it’s perfectly delightful’