Super Glyph Quest


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‘Super Glyph Quest a cut above the average turn-based combat experience’ – Arcade Sushi

Much more than just a match 3 puzzle game, Super Glyph Quest employs layers of tactical play and Role Play Game elements.  Level up and customise play with new abilities, gear and weapons.

 Super Glyph Quest improves on the original in almost every possible way!

 It’s been almost a thousand years since the Bad Dragons were defeated and banished from the world.  Magic began to weaken and monstrous creatures disappear as slowly all the magic in the world started to wither, without the Bad Dragons around to keep it alive.  It’s been almost a thousand years of peace, but all that is about to change as one jilted Magus seeks to bring the magic back.

‘Super Glyph Quest really does offer that ‘just one more go’ factor’ – 148 Apps

 ‘bigger and better than before, simply put… you’re going to love Super Glyph Quest’ – Touch Arcade