We hope you’re happily Adventuring away, but we know some people have questions, so if you are stuck you may find the answer here.

Why is the Game is Crashing/Freezing when opening on an Android device?

There’s a fair few of you out there having this problem and we are really sorry if you are affected. We are currently working on a fix for this, in the short term we have found some people have successfully opened the game after un-installing and re-downloading on a strong internet connection.

So why is this happening? Basically the game has had to be split up a bit to meet the Google Play 100MB package size limit. So you are downloading an .apk file and then a .obb file. The .apk is the Game App and will install, but the games data is in the .obb file and sometimes this isn’t completing it’s download after the .apk which is why the game is freezing – it’s trying to access data it can’t find.

What we are doing is implementing a check in the .apk to look for the .obb and if it’s missing to download it.

We’re really sorry this is stopping people from playing, unfortunately this problem didn’t come up when we were testing the game on our devices, but we will have an update out for you asap!



We fixed it! The latest version on the Google Play store has the new fix in it and working so if you were stuck please try again! We still recommend downloading over a strong wifi connection if you can!

How do I get rid of the Adverts?

At the moment you can remove Ads from the game completely by entering Patron Mode. Patron Mode is activated when you buy the Patron Pack, or through the Patron Mode Achievement which tracks your in app purchases.

Buying any premium IAP in the game will delay how frequently you see Ads.

We are constantly reviewing the IAPs in the game and the community’s feedback has been very strong on this, methods for Ad removal are currently under review with the team.

Why are there no male witches?

This is literally a case of time and resources. Glyph Quest Chronicles is made by Alex Trowers and Leanne Bayley with additional UI art from Adam Bayley and music by Crispin Hands.

Leanne designed, built and animated all of the female characters for the game first with the intention of adding the male counterparts later, but the process is far more complex and time consuming than initially thought. It takes just as long to implement one new gear variation as it does a new monster, so as lack of time was a concern we opted for 24 new monsters in lieu of the male versions of the characters.

It’s not something that’s totally off the table, if we can turn a profit on Chronicles we will happily support it with the option of more character bases to chose from (and the option for existing players to swap).

Pyromancer Concept Art
Original sketch for the male and female Pyromancer characters with Phoenix details for the female and Dragon details for the male character.


Why can’t I start a Quest?

If you’re trying to go on a Quest but the level wont load and the Gem Icon at the top of the screen sort of flashes/goes transparent it is probably because you are playing offline and the game is trying to show you an advert, but because it can’t it’s getting stuck.

By re-connecting to the internet and watching the Advert you will then be able to play the Quest. Also worth noting if you are in Patron Mode the game won’t try to show you Ads (unless you opt in) so playing off line is possible.





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