Welcome to a Land of Adventure

Glyph Quest Chronicles is set in the mystical and mysterious lands around Helmstone, your home whilst you Adventure away.

Helmstone is everything you expect from a hub town. There’s the Inn where you can check out your statistics and customise your load out, the Shoppe filled to the rafters with all manner of Potions and useful things, the Library where Bibliomancer Stacy will tell you all about the monsters you meet along the way, the Smiths where Crafter Parker will turn all those useful monster remains into new shiny things, the Mage Tower where Sorceress Gabrianna will tell you all about the spells you have and let you power them up and the Menagerie where you can pick up companions to take on your adventures with you. See, standard hub town!

The surrounding Islands are full of dangers, conveniently portioned up into neat little Quests. You may notice these Quests take place in different terrains, which is useful for hunting down specific critters for particular gubbins required for all those shiny things!

You may also notice you’re not the only plucky Mage Adventuring away. If you’ve logged into Facebook (don’t worry we won’t spam your friends with requests!) you can track how well your fellow Mages have performed on the same Quest.

image1 (8)

A Quest Most Noble

So why are you embarking on this Adventure and off-ing beasties left right and centre? Why indeed…

It is rumoured that the Bad Dragons of old (see Glyph Quest and Super Glyph Quest) are stirring once more in the distance. The Bad Dragons have a habit of turning any creature with Elemental Magic sour. The creatures of this world are not *bad* really, just a bit off at the moment – but this makes them a threat to the good people of Helmstone and indeed to themselves so you need to stop them before things get out of hand. As for the Goblins and Bandits? Well they don’t really need much of an excuse to cause trouble now do they?

Once the Bad Dragons Show themselves and can be vanquished order will be restored to the Elemental Magic and all those critters gone savage will soon be back to their adorable selves (the Bandits and Goblins will still be menaces though)!


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