How Much More than ‘just a match 3’?

We know, we know. It really does look like many of the match 3 type games out there, most of which you may have already played. Chronicles, however *is* different.

First lets talk about how many things you can match – it is both more and less than 3 and also none (suddenly I feel a lot like a wise old Mage giving sage advice in the perplexing form of riddles)!

You start your journey able to match 2 or 3 of the same Element Glyph together to cast spells (also worth noting you need to trace a line over the Glyphs you want in the spell not ‘swap out’ like other match 3 games). 2 and 3 Glyph Spells are the basics of the Glyph Quest games and deal damage of it’s Element type to your foe.

After some Adventuring you will level up your skills and unlock 4 Glyph Spells. These Spells require 4 of the same Element Glyph to cast and will deal damage of that Elements type to your foe *and* leave behind a Power Up Glyph. Power Up Glyphs are more powerful versions of an Elemental Glyph and can be combined in your next spell like any other for some extra bonus damage.

More Adventuring later and you will gain access to 5 Glyph Spells. These are the real heavy hitters and will also deal damage to multiple enemies! Once cast the total amount of Elemental Damage is split between the number of foes you are facing.

It May come as little surprise that the next evolution in your spell casting prowess is 6 Glyph Spells. These Spells summon down powerful Elementals who assist you in battle by converting every Glyph on your Spell Board of their Element to a Power Up Glyph. Use enough of these Power Up Glyphs and the Elemental can perform a powerful Limit Break.

Gaia – Mother of the Earth Element, killing it with that flower crown!


Between 4 and 5 Glyph Spells, you will unlock another type of Spell – Combo Spells.

These 4 Glyph in length spells allow you to mix two types of Element together in an alternating pattern. For example a Spell of Arcane-Sun-Arcane-Sun will cast ‘Star Spawn’. They will not however leave a Power Up Glyph behind, that is only possible with 4 of the same Elemental Glyph.

Combo Spells offer more than just Elemental Damage, different combinations create different effects. These may act as Debuffs for your foe (such as Weaken), continue to damage enemies over time (such as Burn) or even heal you (such as Regen). We won’t list all the spells here, that would spoil discovering them all for yourself!

image1 (6)

Layering it up.

Of course casting Spells is only part of the gameplay. What makes this Puzzle Battle Game so much more than your regular puzzle battle games is how you can use these spells together.

Chains and Reversals are just as important as mixing and matching Glyphs. By using the same Element over multiple spells in a row you will build up your Chain, the more spells, the more bonus damage each one will deal. Once you are in a Chain (after casting the second spell of the same Element) you may chose to Reverse it. A Reversal is casting a Spell of the Opposite Element to the one your Chain was in. For example, if you are in a Fire Chain casting a Water Spell will Reverse it. Reversals offer massive bonus damage in exchange for half your Chain, which is now in the new Element you have cast.

Each Element has it’s Opposite and it’s important to remember to *never* mix them!

When casting Combo Spells you have two Elements that you can build your Chain from and two that you may Reverse your Chain with.

In addition to Chains and Reversals we have Aftertouch. If your maximum Spell Length is 4 and you match 3 of the same Element together you can pop an extra Glyph in there for a spot of bonus damage providing it is not an Opposite. Aftertouch Glyphs can be added at the beginning or end of a Spell, so maybe we should have called them Extratouch, or Bonustouch… well they’re Aftertouch, but it’s useful to know in case you want to influence the Pull Glyph.

Ah, the Pull Glyph. Now this is some next level stuff. When casting Spells, the direction that you draw your line through the Glyphs will influence what the first Glyph in your Spell will be when the Glyphs swap out.

Still with me? Great, so if I start here with a Moon Glyph and I move down to the second Moon glyph to cast a 2 Glyph Spell, I know that the first Moon Glyph I used in the Spell will become an Arcane Glyph as it was the Glyph directly behind it.


If I then use the Primal Glyph above the Arcane Glyph and move up to the next Primal Glyphs to cast a 3 Glyph Spell I know that again, the first Primal Glyph I used will become an Arcane Glyph because of the direction I went in.

Pull Glyphs take a bit of getting used to, but once mastered can really help you dictate how a board moves through the Elements to best maximise your Chains and Reversals.

Also note if you start your Spell with a Glyph on the edge and pull from the outside in, the first Glyph in the Spell will change to a random Element.

Glyph Quest Academy

Lots to take in I know so if you get stuck, or TL;DR you can always pop over to Youtube and check out the how to play videos there.

Happy Questing!

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