Patron Mode


Patron Mode is the developers way of saying a big ‘Thank you’ for spending your time and money playing Glyph Quest Chronicles!

Once you become a Patron, the Mana requirements for embarking on Quests is turned off so you may adventure as much as you like, also your Reward Card will now gift you Gems on completion.

There are two ways of entering Patron Mode. The most direct route is to simply purchase the Patron Pack from the Shoppe. Not only does this turn off the energy mechanic but also gives you a collection of super useful items including: The Alchemist, The Premium Loyalty Card, 50 Crafting Goods, 100 Gems and 10,000 Gold!


The less direct route to Patron Mode is via the Achievement. Every time you make a purchase from the premium items in the Shoppe your progress towards Patron Mode is increased.

It will take you longer and cost a little more than the Patron Pack outright, but you don’t have to commit to spending upfront and we’ll thank you for sticking with us if you chose to!

image1 (5)

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